Quality as a result

Of Coaching, remember to keep it safe and simple.

With an opend mind a focus on the team, management groups. Individuals might need a nudge, not everyone are on the same page. There are doubter, followers, agile fanatics and many more. To keep them as a team/group and work towards the same goal and remove the obsticals, that will give result.

Of Testing, remember to keep it safe and simple, with focus on  risc, cost and usability.

The balance of time and good enough is my focus point when I test.

Buissness set the risc and cost accepted and I do the testplaning, testing and testautomation with the parameters above.

Agile Coaching

I have been an Scrum Master and found that the understanding of Scrum/Agile was looked upon as a savior for a slow output and high development cost. 

Unfortunatly this is not the a one quick fix thing, but a totaly new concept for the whole Company. It will impact stucture, culture and technologies.

If you would like to speed up your development cycle and faster have a product with limited functionality on the market and then continue with incremental releases with the most important features first, Scrum is the way for your Company. How ever it requires an understanding and commitment from everyone from bottom to the top.

Agile coaching comes in on many different levels, depending on the meaturity of the company/groups of how to work with the agile process.

To beable give a correct assessment the coach needs to get an understanding of where the company are in it's cyckle of Scrum/Agile. How the company works in there agile environment What the purpose for moving over to Scrum/agile work process.

To get a realy good start it is there for important that the managment on all levels and the grunts are committed.

Automation testing

Is the next step when your development have matured and a ready for the next step.

There are several good frameworks on frontend unit, ui,  function and regression testing

I have worked with two of those frameworks, Nightwatch.jsTestcafe. They are both easy to get started with.

Don't look at automation as the savior for an understaffed development team.

It should be used for regression and unittest and will take away the repetitive work. Focus on Risc and Cost.

Old fasion testing

Writing TC, waiting for release, testing and waiting for correction of code, testing again and then release.. The old fashion way has long past the way I see testing. In gaming and bank industry it is fast to market that counts. Agile development, be that Lean, Scrum, Kanban or other Agile processes they have moved on and adapted.

It is the way forward and will help you thrive.

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